JPT Score and Linguistic Competence.

score Listening comprehension Reading comprehension
Sufficient communication in Japanese in any situation.
Above Score880points
  • Able to understand small differences in conversational expressions, and to communicate accurately.
  • Able to understand what the the other person is saying in meetings, negotiations, and phone calls.
  • Able to express the language adequately and fluently depending on the situation.
  • Accuracy between vocabulary and conversation contents.
  • Able to use Japanese with accurate Japanese knowledge.
  • Able to understand business writing accurately.
  • Mastering grammar and vocabulary.
  • Less grammatical errors.
Use appropriate communication in Japanese in a wide range of situations.
Above Score740points
  • Able to listen, and have discussions about current issues.
  • Able to make a presentation in front of an audience after preparing manuscript about a certain interesting topic.
  • Generally understand what the other person is saying in meetings, negotiations, and phone calls.
  • Rich in vocabularies and grammar in exception of some others.
  • Able to summarize the main topic in meetings.
  • Able to understand different opinions.
Daily conversation in a limited range of Japanese.
Above Score610points
  • Able to understand daily conversation generally.
  • In some cases, not being able to understand the contents of meetings, and negotiations if too complicated.
  • In some cases, not being able to use adequate expressions accordingly.
  • In some cases, not being able to understand instructions or writings accurately.
  • Inexperienced in some Japanese expressions, vocabularies.
  • Insufficient grammatical knowledge.
Simple content can be handled, but there is a problem in accurate representation.
Above Score460points
  • Able to understand easy daily conversations.
  • Able to express easy Japanese about hobbies, families, weather, or some other general topics.
  • Able to make a simple introduction about certain topics relating to yourself.
  • Able to understand simple instructions and writings.
  • Incapable of finding necessary materials or documents, and composing sentences.
  • Need to study more vocabulary, grammar, and Kanji.
Beginner communication skills and basic greetings and self-introduction.
Above Score315points
  • Able to understand topics about hobbies, families, and some simple topics if the speaker speaks slowly.
  • Able to make basic greetings when meeting people or finishing conversations.
  • Able to easily say something about their own daily life.
  • Only able to recognize basic and easy phrases.
  • Only know fragments of Japanese.
  • Able to understand simple notes.
Incapable of having communications or reading in Japanese.
Below Score315points
  • Incapable of having communications or reading in Japanese.

*In a survey conducted by the correlation with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) on December 2020, the standard level for Japanese has been raised from 220 to 315.