The same exam for beginners to advanced

The Japanese communication ability is measured in the form of CBT (Computer Based Testing). It is a full-level corresponding test, so everyone from beginners to advanced students can apply for the same test.

Exam results are expressed in marks

The test results are not expressed by passing or failing, but by 5 to 495 in listening, 5 to 495 in reading, and a total of 10 to 990 in units of 5.

Measure communication skills

Because the questions cover a wide range of topics from everyday life to business situations, it is possible to measure the communication skills required for multiple language use scenarios.

Can take the test repeatedly

Exams are held at a frequency of approximately once a month for the convenience of candidates. Because it is the same difficulty every time, you can measure your progress by taking the test repeatedly.

Exams that require quick answers

Since it is an exam that requires quick answers, it is possible to measure true communication skills.

Points are represented by point equivalence

The scores are expressed in the same way as a score equal to 990 out of 990.