This privacy policy (”Privacy Policy”) is aimed to explain how JPT-BD (“We”) handles personal data provided by you (“Customer “or “You”) through websites, mobile applications, emails, written communication or other digital and non-digital products and services controlled by JPT-BD team of Kaicom Solutions Japan BD. Co. Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our goal is to respect your privacy and to maintain the confidentiality of any information that you share with us, independent of whether you are already a customer of JPT-BD, are requesting information or quotes, placing an order with us, planning a collaboration with us or contacting us for any other purpose. In order to be able to react to an inquiry. JPT-BD will collect, process and store certain personal data. 

Privacy Policy Statement:

JPT Exams ( is a personally established website run by the Kaicom Solutions Japan Bd. Ltd. called JPT EXAMS TEAM with the objective of helping, consulting and online teaching to the candidates who are preparing  and will take JPT test from Bangladesh. Our contact details are available at the Contact Us page. We are committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of any personally identifiable information that we collect.

Personal Data:

  • When collecting personal information, the purpose of use is specified in advance, and to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose, it will be done after obtaining the consent of the person in an appropriate manner.
  • When using personal information, and will take measures to ensure that it is not used, beyond the extent that is necessary in order to achieve specified purposes.
  • When outsourcing work involving the processing of personal information from outside or when outsourcing, we will establish and comply with the confidentiality of personal information, return and deletion of personal information at the end of the contract.
  • If it is necessary to provide personal information, we will do so after obtaining consent of the person.

Purpose of Collecting Personal Data:

Generally, we only collect personal data from your requests in order to provide you JPT’s products and services and communicate with you. 

Collected data may be used for below purpose:

  • Scoring of answer data and development of test questions
  • Issuance / reissue of examination ticket and result
  • Providing information on tests such as test guidance for JPT (Japanese Proficiency Test), changes, and updates, sending information about the committee’s business and collecting data, and conducting questionnaires
  • Use of JPT (Japanese Proficiency Test) of actual condition and analysis of candidate data, document preparation
  • Providing information on teaching materials and learning programs based on Japanese and JPT (Japanese Proficiency Test)
  • Providing information on recruitment of JPT (Japanese Proficiency Test) proctors
  • Other information provided by the Committee and sending of issues of the Committee

Provision of Personal Data to a Third Party in a Foreign Country:
The Committee will provide the personal data to Freemind Co. Ltd./ The JPT Japan Executive Committee (Head Office: 1F Tamarusangyou Bld., 403, Shakincho, Kyoto Shi Nakagyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 604-0875, Japan) with the consent of the candidate for the purpose of grading the answer data of the exam.
If you wish to have your transcript issued overseas, your information may be provided to an overseas agency.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer):

JPTBD Japanese Proficiency Test website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt the personal information that you provide in order to prevent external third parties from intercepting.


We might use cookies to store preferences and to record session information.

JPTBD on Social media:

We maintain a presence on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to facilitate interactions with customers or interested persons. However, we do not collect personal data via these platforms nor do we use so-called “social media buttons” to monitor the usage of JPT’s websites when being logged in to any such platform. Thus, to use interactive features of social media platforms like “Share buttons”, “Like buttons” and so on, you must be a registered user of the platform and navigate to JPT’s site on the platform yourself. There are links to those platforms from JPT’s websites but they will not track your activities for any of the platforms.

Exclusions of liability:

Use of the Site is at the User’s own risk. We do not give any warranty or assurance that the use of this website, or any material downloaded from it, will not cause damage including but not limited to:

Loss of data, computer virus infection, spyware, malicious software, trojans and worms

Furthermore, we accept no liability in respect to losses or damages due to changes made to the contents of the Site by any unauthorized third party.

Changes to this privacy policy:
JPTBD reserves the right to change the terms of this privacy policy at any time. Every version will have a date stamp stating when the policy has become effective. JPTBD may also decide to announce changes to this privacy policy by means of newsletters, social media and emailing campaigns but customers are asked to review this privacy policy on a regular basis themselves.