Measurement Content

Listening Comprehension Part Evaluation
Statements Regarding Photographs Four statements regarding a photograph will be spoken, and then select the one that best describes the photograph from these four statements. At the same time, its intent to adjust ears to sounds and to measure your listening comprehension and instantaneous judgement.
Question – Response Listen to short a conversation and select the best response in the test book for the question. This measure interactive communication skills.
Conversations Measuring the ability to accurately capture general and specific information and facts such as the scene and content of the conversation while listening to the conversation.
Talks Listen to a long narration and answer 3 to 4 questions about the content of the narration. This measures whether the content can be understood correctly.
Reading comprehension Part Evaluation
Select Correct Answer Assess the basic knowledge of Japanese by measuring the basic kanji writing ability (reading and writing) that is the basis of Japanese and the basic ability of sentence creation using general grammar and vocabulary.
Correcting Mistakes in Sentences Select incorrect words or phrases from the four choices. This measures the basic writing ability as well as correcting mistakes in sentences.
Incomplete Sentences Accurately grasp the context of incomplete sentences and select the best answer to complete the sentence. Measuring the basic writing ability as well as correcting mistakes in sentences.
Reading Comprehension Reading a range of different texts and measuring the ability to understand the flow of stories and detailed expression intentions.