Comparison Chart

  JLPT JPT Comments
Score N1 660 points more
  • JLPT is evaluated by grades like N1, N2…. N5
  • JPT is a evaluated  by points (10 points to 990) like IELTS or GRE.
  • 315 points of JPT is the equivalent with JLPT N5.
  • Basically, JPT measure the growth of language skills for exam and give an accurate evaluation.
  • JLPT exam is held twice a year but JPT is held twelve times a year. So, there are plenty of examination opportunities for JPT.
N2 525 points more
N3 430 points more
N4 375 points more
N5 315 points more
Exam Time Twice in a year
July & Dec
Every month in a year
Jan – Dec